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With the common thread we all seem to share of being overwhelmed with student loan debt increasing due to interest rates, tuition costs, etc., there is finally some encouraging news! Representative Hansen Clarke of Michigan has introduced H.R. 4170, the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012. We need to get as many people we can behind this.

With that said Robert Applebaum has created a petition to show our support for H.R. 4170, that currently has over 900,000 signatures. Please sign this petition and share it with as many people possible so we can build momentum and get the point across that we need help.

To read more about H.R. 4170 you can go to this link:

To read the full version of the bill you can go to:

To sign the petition you can go to:

Signing a petition is great, but if you can get involved even further there is a great resource full of information, additional petitions to sign, how to contact your state rep and more which you can find at:

The more we educate ourselves and others as to how they can get involved, the greater impact we can make!

Please take the time as this is finally a way we can stand together and hopefully make a difference in our futures and the future of students to come!

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Guest Writer - Alicia Morgan is a freelance designer from Denver, CO that actively participates on the Student Loan Forgiveness Facebook page.

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